Homemade laundry detergent 🧺

Zero waste / Sunday, May 5th, 2019

Welcome back for a new #zerowaste recipe. I really wanted to share this one with you because I use it on a daily basis. Most of the industrial laundry detergents are harmful to our health as well as to the environment. That’s why I decided to make it myself. Besides being very easy and quick to make, it’s also cost saving in addition to being environmentally friendly!

With no fragrance added and dye-free, a classic Marseille soap contains 72% of saponified olive oil. It’s an excellent detergent that is effective against all strains. It cleans, removes strains and grease, and can be used on the skin: natural and smooth, it’s hypoallergenic.

Combined with washing soda and/or white vinegar, it is a highly effective fabric softener and antistatic agent.

Washing soda enhances the effects of the Marseille soap, on grease strains especially. Additionally, it restores pure white to fabrics, softens them and eliminates bad smells.

Regarding essential oils, they give a fresh smell to the laundry while remaining discrete.

3L (0.8 gal) water
100g (3.5 oz) grated Marseille soap or in flakes
3 tbsp washing soda
20 drops essential oil of your choice (I went for lavender)

Step by step:
1. Grate the Marseille soap to help its dilution along.
2. Heat the water in a pan set over medium heat. Add the soap shaving and stir in until completely dissolved. Remove from heat.
3. Wait until the mixture is cooled. Then, add the washing soda and stir in well.
4. Add the essential oil and mix again.
5. Finally, pour into a glass container.

• Shake before every use.
• About 10-15cl (½ cup) per washload.

Last little tip, white vinegar replaces your softener perfectly and you can use it the exact same way. Pour it into your washer’s softener dispenser tray for a cloth even smoother! While vinegar does have a distinct odour, it’s a clean smell that dissipates quickly.

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